Sunday, July 18, 2010

Hot And Bothered Hanna

Yesterday it was hot and very humid out and I had kids who needed to go outside and run for awhile. I told them to get their swimsuits on and go out to the back yard. Lauren, Allen, and Paul were ready in no time. Allen was swinging and I was not going to be able to get him to stop and come in the shade so I moved the sprinkler around so that it was spraying him. He was having a great time. Lauren filled the bucket with water and dumped it on my feet several times and then she sat with me in the shade on the deck. Paul had cars and trucks out there. He was driving them through the sprinkler (the shower as he calls it).

Hanna decided that she was not going to come out and join us so Dad stayed inside to keep track of her while he also assisted Jared in fixing the bathroom faucet.

After about forty-five minutes outside I went in and got a couple of pop- sickles for each of the kids who were out there playing. No one is ever allowed to eat pop- sickles inside because it makes such a mess. Well when she saw the pop- sickles Hanna decided that she wanted to have her share so she got her swimsuit on in a jiffy and came demanding to have some too. I explained that the treat was for kids who had made a good choice and come out to play and since she had chosen not to do so she was not going to get any. She then proceeded to take a bucket, fill it with water and throw it on Allen from behind as he was swinging. He thought she was hilarious, the more he laughed at her the angrier she got.

Okay that was a very easy way to send her into craziness complete with screaming, spitting, and hitting, but she is not allowed to manipulate us so she was not going to be allowed to win this battle.

Will she make a better choice next time? I do not think so but you never know a miracle could be on the horizon. I can hope so at least.

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