Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Another Headache

I just found out that I have another headache to deal with here. Lauren has impacted wisdom teeth, the dentist wants them out and so do I, but the new policy for MA is that they will not pay for removing them until there is a crisis. Like how crazy is this.

They are paying to have her teeth straightened out, yet they are willing to leave the mess in her mouth to wreck all of the work that is being done so they will have a huge bill to deal with.

Lauren is not going to be able to tell when she is in pain until it is far to late to deal with.

The only way they are going to fix the problem is if she needs to be admitted through the emergency room with a life threatening infection. This means that she would not get treatment at the specialized hospital that knows what they are doing when it comes to working with persons who have special needs.

Really does this kid need any more medical issues to deal with here? This mom will have to add an appeal to the list of things to get done this week, oh and by the way they have no time table for a response.

This is the kind of stuff that I deal with ALL THE TIME! This is why I have a hard time convincing myself that I should advocate for other families to adopt these very difficult kids. Let me say here it is not the kids who cause me to shudder when the subject of adoption comes up it is trying to get them what they need to function to the best of their ability, to live safely in their homes with their families, and give support to those families.


  1. Yah, this is the new health care system our wonderful governer came up with for balancing the budget. Take away from the vulnerable. Andrew will be facing this same issue. So I will have my eye on you!