Wednesday, February 9, 2011


There was plenty of girl attitude around here this morning. It was loud, pouty, and just not the sort of wake up material I like to start the day out with.

Lauren is just plain MAD because she has to use her communication device and there is no getting around that. Her speech has gotten so bad that even the people who are around her all the time and usually understand what she is saying no longer have a clue as to what she is saying. This is likely due to the seizure issue we are dealing with. Anyway it is not going well. Her seven thousand dollar device is not working and has spent far to much time in the repair shop. The state may get some of the money they invested in this back, but that will take a while and yeah, do not get me started on all of that, except to say that we are looking at other devices that may work better, but they are not called "medical" devices therefore are not going to be covered by insurance, they do not cost thousands of dollars either, and beside that we can not ask for another one for at least seven years, sigh, sigh, sigh. Lauren is the type of kid who wants things to go her way, but she does not EVER think that she has to work for that to happen. She has that princess attitude about her and believe me she uses it to get what she wants. Right now home and school are making her work and the poor girl just does not know what to do about that except pout, and she can really pout with the best of them.

We also had Hanna attitude as she thinks her life is boring and she never gets to do what she wants to do and all she wants to do is be crazy, wild, and run around, yadda, yadda. We told her that her life could get much more boring if she chose to do any of that stuff that she wants to do. I hope her meds kicked in and she calms down for the school day. We will deal with her attitude again later.

Life is not quite as terrible as they think it is. I think I better find something calming to do before they get home from school. We are in for some attitude this evening.

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