Monday, February 7, 2011

Organized In The Cold

I just had to smile at Hanna. She needed a shower so I gave her one and of course she did not bring her pajamas and underwear to the bathroom (that would involve planning ahead and her FASD brain does not do that very well). After getting out of the shower I had her dry herself and then I told her she needed to wrap up in the towel and go to her room to get dressed. As she walked down the hall to her room she complained about how cold she was, very, very cold and how this is winter and it is cold, cold, cold all the time. Yeah I can agree with that it is really cold here. When we got to her room I grabbed a pair of underwear out of her very organized underwear drawer (just like the one pictured above) and handed it to her. I figured that since she was so cold she would hurry and put them on and get dressed. The kid threw the towel and underwear on the floor while completely nude, took the time to completely reorganize the drawer, since I had messed up her pattern and she could not get dressed until it was fixed.