Thursday, February 10, 2011

Friday On Thursday

It is Friday, well actually it is Thursday, but for me it is Friday. I have had the first four days of this school week to get everybody and everything back to functioning as it should be. Tomorrow there is a pep fest, which means all of the schedule changes at the 7-12 school, which means kids who really need routine get thrown for a loop,and besides that the teacher who works with three of my kids all day long is going to be gone leaving a sub to get everybody through the day in one piece. All of this means that Hanna will be home with me.

I am really glad to be doing my routine and am okay with having the kid here with me tomorrow because that is better then her losing it at school right now. We will just color a lot of pictures and make a puzzle. I also am planning to have her help me make Banana Bread which is one of her favorite things to eat so I am pretty sure I can get some cooperation from her with that task.

Ready or not here comes the long weekend. Hey, it is warming up so outside it is for most of them, but then I get to clean up the wet, muddy, jackets, snow pants, mittens, socks, and caps.

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