Thursday, February 17, 2011

Just Take Me Away!

Now that we have reduced Hanna`s medications a bit she is not as cool, calm, and cute as she has been. Things are getting a bit rougher around the edges and she has been using a few of her old stand by`s to push peoples buttons and push them away. We lower the medications again this weekend, now this is getting to be work.

Lauren is currently in her room pitching one heck of a fit. She does not like her new system of communicating and is refusing to use it so that leaves her not getting things done and getting things that she wants because she is not going to "talk" to get it. Her seizure medication is working to get rid of the seizures, but it may also be making her quite irritable, so what do you do about that? She has regressed so much lately that it is scary.

Karre had the flu yesterday so now I am on the lookout for the rest of them to get it. This is something that is never fun with kids who have special needs, especially when they will not or can not communicate to you that they are not feeling well.

Allen has a medical appointment this morning so I hope Lauren settles down so that we can take her to school on our way to that, or poor Angie will get to listen to her scream. (got your ear plugs ready, Angie)?

It is never one thing at a time around here. There is always a pile of garbage to deal with. It is going to be fifty degrees plus here today so I am going outside at least for awhile.

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