Tuesday, February 22, 2011

To Hot

We got fifteen inches of snow over the last couple of days. That is a lot of snow to clear away so that we can get vehicles moving. We have to keep the driveway cleared because Lauren`s power wheelchair does not like winter time at all. Dad tells her all the time that we should put some chains on that thing to keep it from getting stuck. She has absolutely has no idea what he is talking about, but she laughs at his terrible joke anyway.

All of this snow reminds us that it is still winter here, still freezing, still wind chills, and still a lot more snow to fall.

Apparently it is no longer winter in Hanna`s world. Her meds have been reduced considerably so now she is sleeping a lot less, is more hyper and impulsive, and is perseverating on things a lot. Last night I heard her bouncing around in her room so I went to tell her to go back to bed since it was 1:30 am. She told me that she was not tired. Then I noticed her pajama sleeves had been ripped off. They were laying on the floor. I went into my what on earth are you doing in here rant? Hanna explained that she was hot, very hot and she made her shirt one with no sleeves so that she could cool off. Really now, we tear the sleeves off our shirts rather then getting a short sleeved one from the drawer and putting it on, or even going without one for that matter? (In her room in the middle of the night I guess I would have no issue with that).

Those nice warm, winter, pajamas Hanna should be wearing for several more weeks are trash. I guess she thinks winter is history. Now I wonder what her plan is for when she gets cold, oh yeah, she does not plan anything.

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