Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Medication Transition

We have begun to taper all of Hanna`s medications. We need to do this in order to make some major medication changes. The need for change made itself clear following her surgery when she was put on medications to deal with pain. These medications also generally slow people down in fact for many of us it would be sleep time 24/7. On these medications Hanna was able to remain calm almost all the time, at the same time she was able to function well. You could tell when she was getting ready to lose it and had time to redirect her. We have had two melt downs in the last month,rather then the usual two or three a day.

I would like to have a kid who does not need medications in order to control her behavior, however that just is not going to happen any time soon, and most likely it will never be possible for her. We will come up with a new plan that hopefully will allow her to function at her best. We just have to get through the taper first. I am sure there will be some crazy, awful, behavior before this is done, but we will deal with it in hopes that eventually things will improve greatly.

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