Friday, February 18, 2011

A Good Morning

We had a good morning around here. There have not been to many of them lately. We had the meds have not kicked in yet stuff, the endless chatter from Paul. He wanted a rain drop (cough drop) and was not getting one. He then went into his tar pide (star pride) obsession. It is a thing that they are doing at his school which he does not understand at all, but he obsesses with wearing the t-shirt which is a dress on him. Hanna was flapping and stomping, but getting things done anyway. There were no flying AFOs or shoes, no one was screaming out of control, and no one got bonked over the head with a backpack or lunch box. Everyone left completely dressed , including socks and under garments. Everyone had their hair combed and teeth brushed. The boys had their spectacles on and the girls had the rubber bands on their braces.

It is a real Friday and having it begin well is making the rest of it a great day.

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