Tuesday, February 1, 2011

It Is All About The Love Month

A new month today and it is going to be a heart happy one at that. My kid is going to be healthy enough to go back to school next week, oh yeah God willing she will. We have to think about a few short term adjustments, but we can handle that. This morning as I tried to explain how long it was until next week to Hanna who does not understand time, I thought to myself next will get here soon I hope.

We have her back on track spending most of the day in a daze and sometimes she even falls asleep. Do you know how sweet it is to watch a kid who NEVER sleeps, sleep? She just looks so peaceful all curled up in her covers. I wish she could learn to calm herself down and relax like that every day. She is so lovable, and just a sweet, sweet girl when she is not going crazy all day long.

We will get back to working on all that attachment/FASD stuff soon enough, for now I am happy to have a break from all of it for a short while.

I had better get the roast and vegetables going so that when Hanna gets up the two of us can get Paul`s valentines written out for his class party. I told her that I had a surprise job that she can help with and that is one she will enjoy doing.

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