Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Bits Of What`s Up

Only two more days in this crazy, marathon of a month of running. It has been just that, totally crazy. I think we have gotten quite a bit done but since there is always something else to do we never really catch up. Looking at the schedule for next month things settle down considerably.

I have made 11 trips to the metro area, and one to Rochester this month. I know where all of the construction is happening along the way. Actually it is not to bad considering that it is April and road construction is always in full swing in Minnesota by now. I also have a mileage ledger that has to get turned in to the county that is staggering to say the least.

Paul went to the U of M today and his eyes are doing super, in fact so super that now I am going to have to go argue with the school to make some major changes in his IEP, sigh. All I need is just a little cooperation here, please.

Hanna told her dad that she has lied to us 100 times and she is not going to do it any more because she gets mixed up when she counts past 100. Never fear she still lies just fine. She also told us that she has NEVER stolen anything from school, her friends are putting all of that stuff in her backpack and jacket pockets. Nice friends she has. It that had happened once it might be believable but not almost every day.

Hanna`s class has 3 field trips scheduled for the next two days, yeah April 29th and 30th. She is not going on two of them. No one seems to see any problem with 3 of these things in 2 days. It must just be a crazy mom thing I have here.

Paul had gotten a small box of animal crackers for a snack on the way home today. When we got here he was so excited to give Dad something he had gotten for him, his empty animal crackers box. Dad has a treasure to recycle when the little guy gets to busy to notice.

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  1. GB has trouble with one field trip in a day- I can't imagine 3 in 2 days! I am glad Paul is doing so well. I hope you get the cooperation you need for the IEP changes. I am tired just thinking about it!