Monday, April 26, 2010

How Do You Make A Mess From Nothing?

I have just finished cleaning rooms (usually they do their own but I needed to go through the clothes and get rid of some that are trashed or to small). I have a young lady here, Hanna who has a room that is pretty much empty because her behavior has made it necessary to go that route.

She has climbed up to the top shelf in the closet and rolled almost all of the clothes into a very large ball and tied them together with knots. She will be taking this apart when she gets home. Her dresser is empty except for one pair of PJ`s which she tied to the knob.

I just do not know how someone can make such a mess out of nothing.


  1. It takes real talent and overwhelming desire LOL

  2. I suspect that a poltergeist did it. The Phelps Mansion poltergeist had a thing for tying clothes in knots back in the 1800s. There were a bunch of kids in that case, too. Yep, it definitely sounds like a poltergeist.