Friday, April 16, 2010

Today`s Tasks

Today I am going to the first transition meeting at Paul`s school. We will see who they think should be his teacher. I am pretty much open to any of the options. I am not going to go along with the idea of him being in a mainstream classroom all day without a 1-1. That would be a disaster and I am not going to go there. Now he is in a classroom where there are 3 adults to 8 kids and there are therapists who are working with the kids 1-1 so there is plenty of structure. When there is a teacher trying to teach 20 or more kids and deal with his very short attention span, impulsiveness, vision disorder, and sensory issues it will not work. Hopefully everyone will be on the same page with this issue and it will not take long to get it right. I have to have confidence in that being the case.

Before I even get to that I have to do some (okay a lot) of rearranging of the PCA schedule as we need to go to a First Communion, which is out of town. It is a family thing since the kid is Dad`s Godchild we need to be there. We have to hopefully get one of our PCA`s who is not a family member to spend their Sunday with so much fun, Hanna. This is why PCA`s are worth far more then they could ever be paid. There are not many people out there who can do this job well. Hanna has been just awful lately so we do not want to take her along at all. Since her PCA hours have been cut dramatically we have to schedule someone for fifteen hours to be here at home with her. Using all of those hours for that one day means that Mom and Dad will get to pretty much deal with her for the next week. With all of the appointments and meetings scheduled this will require that Dad take two afternoons off from work which really messes life up. Lets just say that if he is not at work we have no income for that time, yeah we need $$$ to put food on the table and pay the bills. This is all getting to be to much to deal with.

All the while we are struggling with this we can not in anyway let Hanna think that she is making things difficult for the family or that she is frustrating the heck out of her parents because then she really puts the nasty behavior into high gear. Some how she then feels like she has won.


  1. When MK was a teen, DSS gave us respite two or three times each year, when we needed to go out of town to a family function and could not/ did not want to take her. Maybe you have that availability from your DSS?

  2. We can get respite but it is out of home placement and that is the one thing we are trying to avoid at all costs with her because of the attachment issues. It would also require that we use licensed foster parents who in our area are pretty booked up with kids who need to be there long term. They would also need to be to have a LOT of training to deal with her or she would rip them off, con them, and go nuts on them and then what would we have, nothing but some more people who are not able to deal with her. If we use respite then that takes away from the money available for PCA hours. It is complicated.