Wednesday, April 14, 2010


It has been a lovely afternoon here, just lovely. Hanna got caught stealing by her dad, with the chocolate evidence in her mouth. Let me say that that guy is more patient that I could ever dream of being. He has always acknowledged her issues, but being the easy going guy he is he just says " oh well that is just Hanna" and lets it go at that. I have for the most part been the one who she has been taking her anger out on and to be honest it makes me kind of crazy. I do understand that I am the mom that she does not want and since she never knew her dad he is not the problem in her mind. I am sorry that she went through all of the just awful, very unacceptable, unthinkable things that she did, but hey, it was not me who was hurting her and I only want to love and protect this little girl.

Dad discovered that 95% of the Easter candy that was on the top shelf of his closet was missing and when he went to put his sneakers in the closet Hanna was in our closet eating candy and the way she has messed with her braces she is not allowed to be eating any such things right now. It was not only that he caught her in the act, then he asks her what the heck she thinks she is doing and she lies to him.

She was in our room/closet without permission
She was stealing
She lied.

Like how on earth do you think you are going to get away with this one kid? The crying, screaming fit that followed is certainly not helping your cause. The running away, under the van is not doing any good either, and the I am leaving because I can take care of myself went a long way until you wanted me to make your school lunch for tomorrow, you needed me to brush and floss your teeth, and you wanted to watch TV.

Honestly I am thrilled that Dad caught her for once it is not mean old mom picking on her. The Dad is now in complete agreement that our county had better HELP us or they are going to be dealing with this kid. We have another meeting next week and I have requested that the supervisor be present.

It is not the fact that she stole candy, got caught, and lied because this really is small in comparison to some of the things she has done. It is that she does the same things on a daily basis, is and has never been sorry for anything she does, and the fact that she absolutely could care less about anyone else in this family. She is on an island by herself and she will do whatever she needs to to survive. The kid is just so messed up that we do not even know where to begin to help her especially when the powers to be think she is adorable, wonderful, and oh so sweet.

What a mess!! I want my little girl back. NOW!

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