Friday, April 23, 2010

Ernie And Bert

Paul with his car obsession has to name all of our vehicles . We have the Mommy car (mini van), the Daddy car (pick up truck), ete. The big van, the one that we use when we travel with all of the troops is the Ernie car and the trailer that we pull behind it to haul wheelchairs and all of the other stuff we might need is the Bert car.

According to Paul the Ernie car is a hooker car because it has a trailer hitch on it and the Bert car is a hooking car. Well this morning the "Ernie car is hooking all the way to Rene`s school".

Translation is that the Ernie car (the big van) in loaded with Rene`s stuff and the Bert car (the trailer) is hooked up behind it full of stuff as well. Rene` is moving out of the dorm and into her own apartment. I would say that I guess it is time for her to do that. She had her own room as a teenager, went into the Navy so she lived on a ship and in barracks, then moved home to share a room with one of her sisters, and then went to college and has been living in the dorm. She now got an apartment. Rene` does everything is order, one step at a time.

The Ernie car will be hooking with his friend Bert this weekend. No need to try and explain to Paul that he should find some different words to use here

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  1. LOL- Ernie hooking this weekend! Way to go, Rene!