Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Still Running

We celebrated the Easter weekend with family. Saturday we went to meet the new baby and the kids hung out with the cousins. Paul was trying to ask his cousin who is four and a half if he could barrow her pink Barbie car and she kept telling him he needed to buy it. We had church, dinner, and eggs for Easter Sunday. The weather was great so we did get to go outside for a few hours.

There is not much time for blogging as I am still running like crazy here. I got several appointments done last week. The rest of this week will be taken up with Paul having eye muscle surgery. It is supposed to be a one day thing, however with his history of having seizures it will be much more then that. The end results will make the crazy days worth it. There are three things we are trying to accomplish with this surgery. 1. Straighten the muscles of one eye so that they are lined up with the better one in order to reduce the issues he has with depth perception, 2. give him more equal acuity in both eyes, and 3 make then look better since the weaker eye will not always be looking down. I hope that we can accomplish all three of these things, getting any one of them done will be a success.

There is just a little more then three weeks left in the month of beyond chaos and then we can go back to our regular chaos

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  1. Good luck with Paul's surgery. You are both in my prayers.