Thursday, April 22, 2010

Hanna Being Hanna

This afternoon we had the third in a series of meetings to try and get some sort of services in place for Hanna. Dad and I were up against a very thick wall and it is going to take some heavy duty dynamite to get it moved.

Of course they had to ask Hanna for her totally worthless opinion. I am positive that she does not have a clue as to what we are talking about here.

SW, "Hanna what do you think that you might need help with"?

Hanna, " I don`t need any help cuz I can take care of myself".

SW, What kinds of things do your mom and dad help you with"?

Hanna, " They don`t help me with anything, they just have rules and make me stay in my room all night".

SW, Do you take a shower and get dressed by yourself"?

Hanna, "I don`t need showers and I can get dressed fine".

SW, "What do you cook for yourself or eat"?

Hanna, "I eat McDonald's".

SW, Where do you get money for that"?

Hanna, "I just take it".

This conversation went on and on and on. According to Hanna we are holding her hostage, making her follow rules that she does not need, and she does not want anyone to be there to keep her on task, dressed appropriately, safe, fed, housed, take her places, get her medical care, etc, etc. Her dad and I sat there and listened to this entire thing and then SW had the question of the day, the same one she had asked Paul when she was here previously.

SW, "Where did they come up with such a beautiful girl like you".

Dad gave to same answer he had given when she asked that question about Paul.
You get a pregnant chic, let her drink lots and lots of alcohol, and abuse the kid". That is a pretty sarcastic answer but it is entirely the truth as well.

Yes Hanna is beautiful, but behind all of what she presents to the world there is a little girl who has a great many issues and needs. It would be nice if they could just keep her out of the process here so we can get to what really needs to be done. Hanna was just being her very off the wall self today and if you would stick around here long enough you might have gotten to see her in action, because she is having one heck of a hissy fit right now. She does not want to get her hair cut. I guess I will take Paul and leave her here to do her thing. She will just have to look a bit shaggy for a few more days. Oh well Mom and Dad do not take care of her anyway at least that is the impression she tried to give.

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  1. And the social worker saw nothing wrong with her answers? Unbelievable.