Saturday, April 10, 2010

Dress Shopping

I have had Paul with me constantly since Tuesday afternoon so today Dad is going to hold down the fort here at home while I go prom dress shopping with Karre and her friends. This will be interesting since these girls are very creative. Karre in interested in design and knows a lot more about this stuff then I do. One of her friends wants to be an illustrator and can draw all of this fashion stuff so when the two of them get talking I am pretty much out of the loop. They asked me to go along with them and I think that is awesome, most seventeen year old girls do not do that. No, they do not want my credit card. Karre has to pay for her own dress with her own money.

We will stop and pick up milk and bread on the way home. I think we are going to be lazy and have take out pizza for dinner tonight. We are slowing down for the weekend to regroup as the schedule gets crazy again on Monday.


  1. It is really nice to be wanted for you instead of your credit card!

  2. I just wanted to say Thank You. I wish we lived closer- I could use a friend like you, besides GB having your girls to play with.