Monday, April 12, 2010

You Lose Kid

Yesterday afternoon was one of those with a kid who has attachment issues that everyone would rather forget. Dad and Karre were going to take the kids, the dog, and the bikes out of here so I could fold laundry, sort out the over flowing basket of unmatched socks, put clothes in there bins so they could choose what they wanted to wear for the week, go through backpacks, etc, etc.

Hanna did not have underwear, a bra, socks, or shoes on, she had not brushed her hair, nor put deodorant on either. I told her to put a bra, underwear, and shoes on. I figured that she could go without socks, brushing her hair and deodorant and everyone would be okay with that. We have a rule with her that she must wear underclothing when going anywhere and there are no exceptions because if you make an exception once then that opens up a greater issue for later. Hanna goes to her room and strips and then refuses to put anything on. That leads to everyone else going to the park and me sitting in the hall in front of her room making sure that she does not leave the house. She thought she was really getting to me but I turned the baseball game on the radio and had to turn it up in order to hear it over her screaming. She does not understand baseball and it made her crazy to see that I was not getting upset by her behavior.

When everyone got home Hanna decided to put pants and a t-shirt on because you would not want to miss dinner of course. While we ate and talked at the table Paul told me that he had gotten ice cream as if I had not already figured that out by the strawberry stuff all over his shirt and jeans. Just because he said something (Hanna would have never paid close enough attention to notice otherwise), she went nuts because she did not get ice cream, well do ya think you should have put some clothes on and gone with them or what kid?

I did not get the things done that I had planned to, but I got to listen to the ball game and I did not let the crazy kid get to me. so it was an okay afternoon anyway.

Now I have to finish the things that I was going to do yesterday and then I have to take Lauren for a communication assessment. That is not difficult, but it is time consuming.

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