Wednesday, April 21, 2010

A Wild Ride

This week it has really been a very wild ride around here.

Monday I spent the day working with Lauren and a therapist on communication and communication devices. There is just so much technology out there and it is amazing to give her the opportunity to use it, but getting everything set up for her is so time consuming.

Tuesday Lauren got braces on her teeth. She did well with that. I am certain that this braces thing will go much better for her then it is with her sister. You can talk Lauren through things and she is able to remember what is required and follow through. Hanna had made a pretty big mess in her mouth so she had to be sedated to get things back on track. We also decided that this summer she will have the first of (I don`t know how many?) surgeries on her mouth. This does not sound like it is going to be a pleasant adventure at all. Hanna has a lot of oral sensory issues and adding pain is only going to make things worse. We just have to get her mouth fixed even if she can not cooperate.

Today I was supposed to take Paul back to the university to check on how his eyes are doing (they are doing great as far as we can tell) but, there is always a but, Paul was up all night throwing up every fifteen to twenty minutes. It was a mess. I was up cleaning him myself, and everything that got in his path up and rocking him for four hours and then Dad took over so I could get three hours sleep. He finally fell asleep at 9:30 this morning. It would be nice if the hyper kid could figure out that when you are sick you need to turn off the hyper button and sit down for a while. The whole time he was throwing up his temperature never got higher then 99 degrees, so I am not sure what this was all about. I had to reschedule his appointment.

I do believe that that rest of the week will be smooth sailing, even with a meeting tomorrow that has the very real potential for being rather explosive.

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  1. Here's to a smooth week. I know what you mean about sensory issues and dental work. I dread taking GB to the dentist :(