Wednesday, June 16, 2010


We left the house before eight yesterday as we had appointments and errands to run all day. Angela and Dad held down the fort at home and got Paul to therapy.

Hanna and Lauren both had orthodontist appointments in the morning. They worked in Hanna`s mouth for two hours. She was losing it by the time they were done.

After that Lauren needed adjustments on her KAFOs (knee, ankle, foot, orthosis). This mom would be more then thrilled not to ever have to deal with those things, ever. They cause skin break down, are smelly, heavy,in the summer they are hot, and always need adjustments. The only good thing about them is when wearing them Lauren can stand quite straight.

We then got some lunch and ran a couple of errands. I had promised Hanna that she could get a new t-shirt since she had put up with two hours visiting with the orthodontist. She really likes those bright colored t-shirts that change color when you wear them in the sun. She picked one out with sunglasses on it. I let Lauren get one too and of course she chose something purple.

The afternoon ended with Lauren`s appointment to work on her communication device. We worked on internet stuff, passwords, and how to use volume the shout and whisper.

By the time we got home they were eating cereal and bananas for dinner. That sounded fine with me so we had that too.

Today the sun is finally shining and I will get the clothes lines full. Karre and Hanna are cooking (I have no idea what), the boys are waiting for me so they can go outside and Lauren had gone with her PCA. This should be one of those days when I can actually get things done at home. I have no plans to go anywhere.

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