Thursday, June 24, 2010

Can A Mess Get Any Bigger?

My husband and I spent all of yesterday afternoon and then about an hour today dealing with the Social Security Administration. This is a mess that began when my husband`s dad was killed in a farming accident in the mid 70`s. He was a teenager at the time. It is nothing we brought up or even knew there was a problem with until we had questioned them about another matter and they came up with this thing trying to tell us that they owed my husband money, say what? Since when does the United States government volunteer to give you money? Okay it was there mistake and apparently they do own him money. How much or when he will get it is a mystery and we will just leave it at that and if or when our checking account gets paid we will celebrate the fact that this thing is FINALLY done.

The other issue, the one we brought to their attention is still unresolved after more then a year. We will get it figured out now that we are working with someone who at least has a clue what we are talking about and she is a special claims officer so now we are getting some where.

It seems that this part of government is just about as confusing and messed up as Child Protection and Family Services is. That makes dealing with both of them at the same time just a bit stressful. I am so glad that my husband understands all of this money stuff because I do not have a clue and it just gives me a headache. I am just along to give the mundane information such as where people were born, when were they adopted, etc,etc. I sure would like to know when it is that there will be even one day that I do not have some sort of paperwork that I am dealing with? We destroy far to many trees. Needless to say that I run out of ink often just copying the stuff for our personal records.

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  1. I have never worked with such a messed up situation than the social security administration. Wait, except for social services and immigration. It's a 3-way tie. Wonder what life would be like without issues like this to work out! Hang in there.