Thursday, June 3, 2010

Not Today Kid

The laundry mountain is a steep climb today since I only got one load done each of the past two days so I really want to get that down to manageable especially since the sun is shining so I could fill the clothes line.

I also have dishes to do and nothing has been swept or vacuumed for more then a week so that needs to get done.

For now Hanna refuses to go outside so the wet clothes sit in the basket. I am not going to let her stay in the house alone even for ten minutes. She can consume a feast in that time or take a scissors to someones something, wreck a computer or two, etc, etc. She keeps shutting the door on Paul so he will not go downstairs to play with his cars. I went and got a bin full of cars for him so he is under the desk chattering and driving those cars happily. The fact that he is no longer available to bother is annoying to her. I am in no mood for manipulation, or a war of wills so I will just go through the mail while I sit here and wait her out. If it takes all day I guess that is better then a screaming tantrum. I can live with the mess but at least for today I can not live with being tortured with attachment craziness. You lose kid!

1 comment:

  1. Way to go, Mom! Isn't it ironic that only by losing the daily battles, that they have a shot at winning the war?