Friday, June 4, 2010

Summer Vacation

School is out so Kids were home today. For four of them a schedule is a must because free time leads to loads of issues. I gave them lots of chores to do. I figured that they might as well make themselves useful.

Lauren and Hanna made the beds, unloaded the dishwasher, and cleaned up the shoe mess.

Paul "helped" me hang clothes on the line. He kept pushing the basket down the hill so I kept making him pull it back up so I could get some more clothes. Hanging those clothes out took forty-five minutes when without his help I can do it in ten.

Allen took the garbage and recycling out and brought hangers down from upstairs. This takes him pretty much the entire morning.

We then had lunch and Angie took Paul to therapy. The rest of us went outside. Allen was busy doing his favorite thing, swinging. Lauren and Hanna sat and played math card games. I had the tough job of sitting in the hammock to watch them and make sure they were adding and subtracting correctly. If I don`t sit there they both try to bend the rules a little and it turns into a screaming match. They then decided to color, play Sorry, Uno, Bingo, and then they colored some more.

This is what every day is like for them. They just have to be doing something all the time. The trouble with it is that after awhile I run out of things for them to do and I get tired of such a up tempo pace. They can not play without supervision, ever. It would be nice if they could understand what it means to relax, but they don`t and likely never will. I am looking forward to fall and school starting again so I can move at my pace again. For a few months I will do my best to keep up with them. My PCAs will rescue me from time to time.


  1. This is my life too. I don't know how old your kids are (I lost track, lol), but mine are 6, 10, 11, 15, 16, 17 and I still have to do this. I cannot trust any of them alone with one another and forget sending them "outside to play" because someone is going to get hurt in some way "accidentally" - guaranteed. I am exhausted by this (no PCA's for us MI folks). The worst thing (besides the whole not getting anything done because I'm giving 24/7 supervision to teens) is that they flit from one activity to another, and even on meds, are so incredibly frustrated by one another. There is always one who really wants to play something, and another who agrees to play - then quits (insert hysterical crying). Then they switch rolls (more screaming, more crying). I want sedatives so I can institute nap time (for them, not me). I get so tired of the school routine and all of the cwap that goes along with "school". Reading about your issues with school special days and such - I can totally relate. However, a break from that routine really doesn't have to be 3 months long. Good luck! My kids last day was yesterday - I can't wait!!

  2. my kids absolutely which means I have to stack their schedule which means I have to be with them as they do whatever I planned for them which means I'm exhausted at the end of the day and no "work" has gotten done. but if I say "go play" for an hour they won't get through 5 minutes