Monday, June 14, 2010

A New Car

We got a new car yesterday, no it is not exactly one that needs to find a parking spot on the driveway or the street in front of our house we already have enough of those. We have a truck, a Caravan converted to haul a wheelchair, it is the van everyone dislikes driving the most, and a huge van, by huge I mean really huge as the neighborhood kids call it the bus. Then there are Rene` and Jared`s cars which are here often enough.

The new car is white, worn out, and a bit smashed up. It is an old clothes basket that I had set by the door to take out to the trash, but Paul got to it before I could get it there and hence it has become a car. He has been pushing that basket around, loaded with stuffed animals. It can four wheel up the stairs, go down the hall, and back to the stairs where he gives it a push and it crashes down to the bottom, landing with a thud into the wall at the bottom.

I took his car downstairs, (where toys are supposed to stay) and it very quickly came back up. He took it outside for a little while when it had stopped drizzling in the afternoon. It is raining again this morning. I suggested that his car should sit outside and take a shower but he is having none of that. Maybe it will stop raining later today so EVERYONE can go outside. Paul can drive that car of his around the house all he wants. Clothes basket, you are very lucky to have been rescued from the trash by a five year old who happens to know how to make a car out of just about anything. I wonder if he will be obsessed with cars forever?

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  1. GB is using a big Lands End box that she used markers to make into a car. The cats are indignant- they thought it was their box :)