Friday, June 11, 2010

Hyper Land

I spent yesterday in Hyper Land with Hanna. She had a medical appointment and for this they did not want her to take her ADHD meds. Some times I wonder if these medications help her at all and then when she does not have them the reality sets in, she needs them!

She spilled cereal all over the place at breakfast time, could not get the toothpaste on the toothbrush and brush her teeth, and was making a great suicide attempt with her seat belt on the way to the hospital.

When we got there she was pacing in circles for the entire five minutes it took me to get her checked in. In the waiting room there is a square book shelf which has sections of a variety of bright colors. Hanna took all of the books of out this shelf and was in the process of putting them back. She was putting the books which had covers that were mostly red in the red section, the blue ones in the blue section, green, purple, orange, etc, etc. Then she found two books with covers that were black and there was no black section. She started spinning that book shelf faster and faster until the books were falling out. Of course she was being loud and she could not calm herself down. This is when it is handy to have a tall, strong, young man for a PCA and this is exactly why she needs a PCA in the first place. I had Jared carry her to the bathroom and I sat in there with her until she calmed down while he went to clean up the book mess.

When we got to the room where the appointment was taking she could not sit still at all. We were meeting with a social worker, geneticist, and two surgeons. Hanna found the stickers and started putting them everywhere. We finally got the blood work done that we needed (of course that takes three people to do), next the surgeons looked at the mess in her mouth and then we had Jared take her for a walk the the Golden Arches about a mile and a half away so we could talk.

The out come of all of this is that she is being scheduled for the first of I don`t know how many, surgeries on her mouth and jaw. We do not know the cause of most of the issues yet but are trying to figure it out in order to create a better treatment plan.

We were able to drive the hour and a half home having to stop only one time. When we got here we let her run for the rest of the day. The next time I get to thinking that she would be okay without some of these medications I will keep Hyper Land in mind when I say no way.


  1. It is so easy to fall into the pit of thinking the meds aren't working because they can't do it all. GB has to come of her Risperdal and I am dreading trying to find something else that works.

  2. AB can not function without his meds. His stimming is so severe! And he won't sleep. I don't mean that he can't sleep, I mean he WON'T. AB is still very difficult to manage but if it weren't for meds, he could not be at home.