Tuesday, June 8, 2010

A Job

Lauren has a job this summer, no it is not any teenagers dream job like working at the movie theater or amusement park, but all the same it is a job. She will not be making mega bucks (she is not getting paid anything).

She has a job sorting the mail at the high school. This is something they have been working on throughout the school year. Her teacher feels that she can now pretty much do it on her own and asked if she could do it this summer. I though about it and did some schedule figuring and decided that it would be okay. What the heck she is sixteen and the experience is work the effort involved.

Our little princess has come a long way. When she came to our family at age six no one would have imagined that she would ever be able to take on such a responsibility, even this small one in a very controlled setting. She was dong nothing but laying on the floor sucking her thumb, getting all of her food from a baby bottle, tripping herself when she tried to walk, and communication was zero. It is a giant leap from being a little princess to becoming a mail lady, way to go Lauren!


  1. Yeah, Lauren! (Congrats to mom, too!)

  2. Way to go, Lauren! And what a super job you guys have done helping her to get this far. Way to go, Mom!