Monday, June 14, 2010

Get Real

I sure wish birth parents would get real and tell it like it is because it would be VERY helpful right now.

Hanna is having a number of medical issues and several doctors all agree that they are reactions to her medication or something genetic. For many reasons they are eliminating the medication theory and leaning the other way more and more as time goes on. We now have a geneticist working on this along with the rest of the crew. She assured me that we would figure this thing out. She also noted that it may take some time and it may be a lot of work. We are meeting again tomorrow and I was to gather all of the birth parents medical, educational, social, and psychiatric information I could. I have all of the paperwork that they were to fill out at the time their rights were terminated. A few of the forms are blank so they are of no value. The ones that they filled out are saying that there is no history of any medical conditions at all, no cancer, heart problems, no diabetes, etc, etc. These people are as healthy as they come. There are no educational concerns either which is odd since both parents dropped out of school and neither finished, that would be a concern in my opinion. They did no better in admitting drug or alcohol abuse. I have police reports, UA results, and court records to prove otherwise.

I don`t know what is worse going into this with no information or information that may have some truths in it. If any of it is correct then what parts are they? This is just going to be one of those puzzles that we will have to keep working on until we find the solution. I do understand that these people may not be able to provide the information they were asked to, or they may have some issues with feeling shame for the harm they have caused there kids, or maybe they were angry because their parental rights had been terminated. For my little girl it is just one more thing that she should never have had to experience in her childhood.

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  1. Just one more experience she should never had to experience in her childhood- AMEN!!!!