Monday, June 28, 2010

Orange Sneakers

The other day we had several errands to run so Karre and I took Allen and Paul with us. I had already gotten new shoes for the girls and the two boys needed some too. Paul being a little kid had outgrown his. Allen has two pair of sneakers which he has been wearing since the summer before he entered sixth grade, (that was four years ago). He has not grown at all so those shoes were working just fine for him. Both pairs of Allen`s sneakers had long since lost there flexibility and the tread on them was wearing out. It was time for new ones. He has two pair of dress shoes which are still in very good shape so he will likely wear those for at least another four years before we replace them. Allen just does not wear out or destroy his things so most of the time he kind of gets left out when it comes to getting new stuff.

We entered the shoe store and Karre being the wise big sister decided that she wanted to help Allen shop. She left me to deal with the hyper, off the wall, loud, little guy. While we were checking out the little kid section they went to the boys. I was sitting on the floor, because that is the best way to contain the little wiggle butt long enough to try shoes on. The next thing I know Allen is patting me on the head "Mom shoes, Mom shoes", and he sticks his foot in my face to show me some very bright orange and blue shoes he has on his feet. I looked up to see a grin from ear to ear. These were certainly not shoes that I would have chosen because I am just to practical when it comes to these things, but he was so excited that I just could not say no. This is the kid who never asks for anything, ever, who actually wanted something. I am sure that he picked these shoes out himself since I know he really likes orange. These were likely the only orange shoes in the place and he found them in his size. I bought him another pair of sneakers for those times when the orange ones are out of commission. He is set for another four years.

He has had his orange backpack since second grade and it is looking pretty beat up so now I guess I had better be on the lookout for a new one.


  1. It is nice to be able to make him happy :)

  2. those shoes are totally wicked! nice choice!!!