Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The Break Was A Gift

We had just to much of a good thing going here to last for to long. The first three weeks of this month were absolutely fantastic as far as Hanna`s behavior is concerned. Then, well then the crazy starts all over again. She had been slowly gearing up so we were preparing for the big blow up which came down this morning.

Hanna and I were playing cards the other day when Lauren came into the room and started cheering for me Hanna started hissing and whining that it is not fair that she was cheering for me. When Dad explained that Lauren can cheer for whoever she wants to, even if it is not her. Hanna started pounding on the table and throwing the cards so we needed to quit playing the game to give her time to calm down.

Hanna has been choosing to wear ALL of the purple clothes (they are the same size so they share clothes) because she knows that Lauren likes them better and because she would not cheer for her in the card game, Hanna wants to make her mad. It did not work. Lauren found plenty of things to wear, even those t-shirts that change color that Hanna claims are ALL hers. The plan backfired big time. Karre explained this best when she and I were discussing irritating your siblings. She said that she did it to but the difference with what she would do and what Hanna is doing is that she would sort of sneak around and do things but with Hanna, she does everything directly, in your face, so obvious that you can not help but figure it out as she is doing it.

Both of the girls had video games and Lauren finally had enough money to buy batteries for her`s so she could play it. Several months ago Hanna, in one of her all out crazy rages threw her`s at the wall smashing it to bits so the garbage collected it long ago. Now that Lauren has batteries Hanna seems to think that she should get to play the game. We told Lauren that she did not need to give it to her. Then we got the she does not want to be my friend line from Hanna. Well just because we are not going to allow you to use your sister has nothing to do with being friends.

This morning she is still fuming about getting a hold of Lauren`s game since Lauren is gone for the day. Are you nuts kid, you are not having it to run the batteries out or throw it against another wall because you are mad. The game is locked up for now.

So now we are back to the screaming,throwing things, hitting, kicking, biting state of being. It figures that a major holiday is coming up and Hanna is losing privileges rapidly. I guess we will be drawing straws to see who gets to miss out on the fun and sit home with her. FASD/RAD is always there to mess with our lives. I am very thankful for all of the time we get without behavior issues. We just make every minute count when we can. Lauren has grown up so much and is almost aways able to deal with her sister`s crazines or ask for help when it gets to much for her. I am very proud of the way she handled things these past few days.

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  1. Yeah for Lauren! It is amazing how RADishes sense a holiday or special occasion coming and inevitably can't hold it together.