Saturday, June 26, 2010

Basement Dwellers

Paul pretending he is sleeping and baby Andrew. They are great buddies.

It seems we are basement dwellers an awful lot of the time lately. The storms just keep rolling through. Yesterday we had just finished eating dinner and I was washing the sticky fingers up after having French toast when the sirens went off. We headed to the basement and it is at these times I am really thankful that we have our basement fixed up so spending time down there really is not all that terrible. We have a large playroom/therapy area, rec room, and TV down there. Allen and Lauren watched the Twins play the Mets, Karre messed with her computer, Dad monitored the weather on the radio. Paul ran from one place to another, chattering all the while. Angie was working so she got to keep up with him. Hanna was pretty off the wall because her day time meds had long since worn off and she had not had her evening meds before we got downstairs so Jared was trying to keep her busy, and he did a pretty good job of it.

That accounts for everyone except for me and guess what I got to do? I got to hold, rock, and talk to this very sweet baby boy. I think I got the best job of the evening. Andrew or PCA, Angie's baby was here too. He has grown so much lately. He can roll over and push himself around and he is really a talker. He squeals and wiggles, and laughs, and smiles with some adorable dimples.

It was a good evening being basement dwellers here, little damage, lost of rain, kids went to bed late so maybe they will sleep a little later, or maybe I am dreaming there.

We are supposed to be going to a picnic later this afternoon, just about the time the storms have been rolling through and the weather is supposed to be about the same today, so I don`t know how that will work out. One storm at a time, hey it is summertime in Minnesota, you got to love it.

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