Monday, February 8, 2010

Almost All Home

Everyone who is supposed to be home has gotten here safely except Jared who is working until about 3:30pm. I am not sure what he is up to but he is a big boy now and can figure that one out for himself. This mom still worries about them all the same.

The snowplow came by just as I was putting my boots on to meet the special education bus. Why couldn't`t they come by after the bus for once? The plowing dumped two feet of snow at the end of the driveway. Lauren`s power wheelchair got stuck in the middle of the street. I had to push and shove and do some snow kicking to maneuver it so that it would be parked behind our truck and out of the street. I then had to haul Lauren over the snow pile and get her into the house. Hauling someone who weights about a hundred pounds, is taller them me, and is stiff as a board is something I try to avoid doing alone but no one was here to help me so I didn`t have much of a choice about doing it.alone. Allen being the helpful sort came out with a shovel and started throwing snow on me and Lauren while I was hauling her through the snow. The more I told him to go away the more annoying he got. Then he went over and tried to push the wheelchair out of the snow pile. I told him that he was not getting that thing to move. Power wheelchairs and snow are not a good combination at all.

Karre had driven the mini van to school and after she picked Dad up from work she could not drive up the hill so they had to back down and go around the long way. They then got out the snow blower and cleared off the driveway enough to get the mini van in there and we shoveled Lauren`s chair out and got that into the garage. We are going to leave the rest of the snow clean up until some time tomorrow as it is not done snowing yet.

Will they have school tomorrow? I don`t have any idea but this morning was enough craziness for awhile.

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  1. It sure sounds like enough for one day. Snow doesn't hit NY until tomorrow night.