Thursday, February 25, 2010

PJ Day

It is PJ Day at Paul`s school. I do not find any issue with the idea of having that event when they are talking about bedtime in the classroom, but do they have to have it when it is -9 degrees outside?

I made Paul wear long johns under his pjs, but he was not happy at all with that idea. He does not understand why he is wearing two pair of clothes and he does not like the feel of it at all. The other thing he was all bonkers about is that I made him wear socks and shoes with his pjs and of course he never wears those things at bedtime.

Maybe they should learn about bedtime at the beginning of the school year when it is still usually warm outside.


  1. Sounds like it would be smarter!

  2. Oh how I dislike PJ day. Our kids have had it at several venues over the years (school, summer programs, etc.), and I always have problems with our daughter understanding when it is appropriate, or which clothes to wear. She always wants the skimpy/too small PJ outfit. She wears hers long after the others have switched back into street clothes. This summer I picked her up and she was the only 13-year-old running around in PJ's and laying in her sleeping bag with a stuffed animal. Social appropriateness is just completely lost on her.