Friday, February 5, 2010


It has been one of those non-stop chatter mornings, oh well they are all like that with Paul around. This morning it was getting to me after awhile though.

"Mom can Mickey Mouse dance with you"

"No I am trying to do laundry, I am trying to sweep, I am trying to cook lunch, etc, etc".

"Can I have bites, songs now, watch Elmo now, when is Angie coming, go to play with Katie, eat now, eat now, eat now, and on and on, and on.

All the while he is chattering he is banging doors, opening and closing drawers, unloading the fridge, dumping the Tupperware out, throwing toys, books, and shoes, and eventually he had pulled everything off the table. He is "hugging" me that is trying to choke me while jumping up and down on my feet, pinching me, and trying to climb up my leg.

We have always had this type of very hyper behavior but since he has been off Trileptal (a seizure medication), which we were told can have the side affect of slowing them down, the activity level has really increased a lot. I think we will be looking at another medication soon to slow him back down. School thinks he is doing fine, but being very busy in preschool is okay, now when the expectations will change as he gets older and he will need to slow down.

Now Angie has come to the rescue so I had better get something done while I have the chance. Are you ready for some Paul action Angie?

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  1. Honestly, that chatter is one of the most exhausting behaviors. I had to set a timer for Ben today and tell him that for the next 5 minutes we had to have quiet. (He stayed home sick again and he was bored.) ~Kari