Thursday, February 18, 2010

I Can Not Fix It

Hanna has done something that is socially not acceptable and then some kids were being rude and making fun of her for doing it, (of course they made sure there were no adults to catch the action). That is the way some kids are, they enjoy creating trouble whenever possible. Hanna has no boundaries and is not able to figure out the possible consequences of her actions until it is to late.

She is furious with Mom and Dad because those kids were mean to her. We were not there when this all took place and she certainly should be angry at those who hurt her feelings, but then again maybe it is better to take it out on us because she does not know when enough is enough.

This is an all to familiar situation with her and it is unfortunate that kids can be so cruel. There are also adults out there who will do the same things and because Hanna is different some of those people will always be out there to hurt her. Will she learn how to stop and think before she acts? Most likely not because she does not have that ability. This is why she always needs to have someone else to help her run her life, every single day of it.

I wish I could fix it so that she would not get hurt but I can`t do that so I will just have to let here scream at me for the rest of the evening. She will have forgotten all about this whole thing by morning, that is unless those kids bother her again, sigh.

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  1. Sadly, our society has no tolerance for those that don't fit the norm. I, too, wish I could fix it. Not only can't we fix it, we can't prevent it from happening again.