Sunday, February 21, 2010

Awesome Kid

Yesterday I went and got groceries more then $500. worth so after spending all of that money and hauling all of that stuff around you would think that I would have everything here that I needed to spend the afternoon preparing meals to go into the freezer, not quite I forgot to buy corn.

After taking a really good look at my schedule for the next three months I decided that I had better get busy and get some meals prepared and in the freezer as things are going to get really busy. I was really on task and getting things done when I discovered that I did not have the corn for the hot dish I was making so I asked Karre to run to the store and get four cans of corn.

Karre being the awesome kid she is decided that she was going to take all four of her younger siblings along with her to the store. No one told her that she had to take any of them with her as she was not working and taking them along is a LOT of extra work.

She had to make sure that Allen and Paul had used the bathroom
get Hanna to put her shoes on the right feet
get shoes on both Allen and Paul
get leg braces and shoes on Lauren
get winter garb, coats, hats, and mittens on all four of them
get them all into the van seat belts, in car seats, and Lauren`s wheelchair
get them all out, take them into the store, load Paul into a cart, Allen pushes the cart, have Hanna hang onto cart so she does not steal anything and Lauren follows with her wheelchair.
get them all back into the van again
get wet shoes and winter garb off and hung up again

Then they all come traipsing into the kitchen Lauren, Allen, Hanna, and Paul each carrying one can of corn, and Karre says "I was not going to let them all have their own bags so I let them just carry the cans that way".

I had a good chuckle at that awesome Karre who took the time to make an adventure out of getting four cans of corn.

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