Wednesday, February 17, 2010

It`s Busy

I have been hopping to keep up with the action here today. This morning I did laundry, nothing new there as I do that every single morning. I got half a dozen calls mostly from workers who are in the process of getting things organized for the kids. They needed price quotes to purchase Lauren`s communication and wheelchair equipment, they needed paperwork (lots of it) from my files so I copied papers for more then an hour, and they needed to schedule several meetings. That all being said and going well, in the process of getting all of this done, the referral for Paul either got lost in the shuffle or never got done so I had to get on that one. I think there might just be to much going on right now and I may have social services overload but when I have their attention I want to get things done.

Paul has been really, really busy today. He has a cardboard box that he insists is his car and he is pushing himself all over the house in the "car". While he is maneuvering himself from place to place he is crashing into everything and dumping everything out. Whenever I go some place to get away from him so that I can hear myself think while I am taking these phone calls he automatically shows up right under my feet. That "car" of his just has to go downstairs, and soon or it just may have an accident and wind up in the recycling.

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