Saturday, February 27, 2010

Wedgie Free

I went underwear shopping for Lauren. She is very thin and weights ninety-eight pounds therefore she wears clothes in the 7-16 girls section,even though she is sixteen years old and certainly done growing. I am very thankful for the fact that she is so thin because hauling a stiff , uncooperative, CP body around is one thing but if that same body weighted twenty pounds more it would be a completely different thing altogether. Anyway I found the pretty, very girly, with flowers, lace, and cute little designs all over panties. One of the national name brands had printed in large lettering, on the front of the package "wedgie free guarantee". I think that Lauren with her lack of coordination, stiff fingers, and little resistance control can manage to give herself a wedgie with no problem and I am pretty sure that these panties will prove to be the same as all of the other ones she has had. I wonder if there is a money back guarantee that goes along with that statement here as well?

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