Friday, February 26, 2010


Paperwork is something that NEVER ends here. It is the end of the month so the bills have to get paid, then there is tax paperwork that finally went to the accountant yesterday, the profit and lose paperwork for Dad`s business needs to get done so we can pay some more taxes, and then there is the stuff that is always there to be done for the kids. I just figured out who is working when for the next month, however that may have to be changed depending on the outcome of two meetings that take place next week. I figured out payroll and got that ready to be signed and turned in.

I had to get all of this done this afternoon as Paul was gone to therapy therefore out of my office.

After I finished with all of that I looked at the schedule for the next three months and decided that I had better just take things one at a time otherwise I would be overloaded and nothing will get done.

To make my day even more fun Hanna has "girl issues" again, sigh. That means until about Wednesday I will have to try to get things done with her super nasty attitude in my face all of the time.

I am going to go help Karre make tarts for a birthday party she is going to. They are playing a mystery crime game where everyone dresses up as a character and they try to figure out who done it. The time period of the event is the 1920`s. It sounds like great fun four some sixteen and seventeen year old kids. Karre did some research and decided that tarts would be something served at a party during that time period so we make tarts.


  1. At least making tarts with Karre sounds like fun.

  2. oh that party sounds fun! I've always wanted to do that. Have you ever looked into Inositol for Hannah? My girls have been taking it for a couple of months, its too early to tell for sure but it does seem to be helping to take the edge off and the swings are less dramatic...