Tuesday, February 9, 2010

It Is Loud

Since 5:00 am when Hanna door alarm went off it has been LOUD here.. Shortly after that we got the automated message that told us there would be no school today, right then and there she blew up. She could not be quiet for another hour or more and let the rest of the noisy ones stay in bed. Karre is still in her room but I am sure she is not sleeping as that would be impossible.

They had all raced down here, were dressed, and had eaten breakfast before 6:30 am. and now Lauren and Paul are playing with some of Paul`s toys, Allen is hoping that I will turn the TV on soon, and Hanna is destroying something or other because she can not figure out what to do with free time. As soon as I get Karre moving she will get to find things for them to do as she wants to work today. At eleven Angie will come so between the three of us we will be able to divide and conquer them.

There is nothing is Hanna`s FAS brain that tells her how to think ahead or how to figure out what or how to do things. If someone is not right there telling her what to do and how to do it, all day long she just can not handle it. I have tried making lists with pictures of choices for her, I have tried verbally giving her two or three choices, and I have put things in a drawer for her to choose from but she just does not understand any of these. As long as someone is there kicking her in the behind with a new task for her as soon as she is finished with the one she is doing she can function without getting into to much trouble. I guess I had better go get her behind moving in the right direction before she implodes. Now how do you teach someone to chill for a little while?


  1. If you figure it out, let me know, as I am clueless.

  2. This may sound silly, but when the girls were younger we'd write on the bottom of their t-shoe whatever they were upset about - no school, mom, etc... then I had them go out and stomp and grind until the marker wore off the bottome of the shoe -
    we also got lucky in that the girls would do jumping jacks, duck walks, alligator crawls etc... I would yell out the next thing to do and they would do it until I yelled out the next one and so on until they got tired or came up with something better to do. Kinda like simon says only they would just wait until we yelled out the next thing.
    I've tried the idea jar - mixed results - inside the jar are variety of chores, fun stuff, etc... when at a loss of what to do they could grab from the jar an idea, if they remembered it was there, it worked - otherwise it was back to us coming up with ideas for them. Our girls never knew how to play - they had to be shown everything - even now we have to have ideas lined up ahead of time to keep them occupied - they simply can't always do it themselves.