Monday, February 15, 2010

Making Babies

Hanna has been telling us for nearly two years that she is going to Wal-Mart to get husbands and babies and she is going to get many of both. We have been trying to get some sex education into her very concrete, not very intelligent, FAS brain for a long time now. We have resources that are geared toward teaching this stuff to people like Hanna but it is a very slow process and thus far she does not get it. One of her "friends" gave her the bit of information that if she has a baby then she does not have to live here. We immediately smashed that idea and we also informed her that if she had a baby we would be taking care of that baby because she can not. She was not very happy about this information and she pretty much tuned the conversation out after we clearly stated those facts. We want Paul to be our baby and will do everything within our power to make sure that happens!

This weekend Hanna told Rene` that people (yeah both girls and guys) can get babies in their tummies. We think she figured this out because one of our PCAs recently had a baby. Rene` being the curious big sister asked her how those babies got in the tummies and Hanna told her it was from eating cookies, so everyone out there who does not want to have a baby hold off on the cookies.

Later in the afternoon when we were eating some individually wrapped chocolate cookies that Trevor gave us Dad told Hanna that if she ate her cookies with the wrapper on them then she would not have babies because the wrapper would be protection from pregnancy. Needles to say Hanna has absolutely no idea what we are talking about here and I guess maybe she should just stick with her Wal-Mart plan at least for the time being.


  1. What kind of resources did you find for Hannah? Andrew is going to have a baby too. It's hard to find books on this subject geared towards 14 yr old body's with a toddler mind.

  2. We got material from a special education teacher that is designed for them. It is very concrete and straight forward and it takes things in very small segments. I have looked for a long time and there are few resources and those I did find are for much higher functioning people.