Thursday, February 11, 2010

I May Be Nuts But...

I may be nuts but after the Public Health Nurse got to listen to the monologue of what goes on around here and she get to watch Hanna go completely bonkers for nearly two hours yesterday the ball really must have gotten rolling in the offices of Public Health and Social Services because in less the twenty-four hours....

1. I have the funding to make repairs to one of Lauren`s wheelchairs. These repairs were requested in May 2009.
2. I have funding to pay for the software to run a communication device and to provide computer access from this communication device for Lauren. This process also began in May 2009.
3. They have already begun the paperwork to get services for Hanna and Allen. The usual wait time is to long to even think about.
4. Two more social workers and the PHN who was here yesterday are stepping in to help us fight a medical battle for Hanna. We began this process in earnest in March 2009.
5. I have someone trying to figure out how getting Lauren`s much needed orthodontic work is going to be paid for so that we can begin that work.

I guess in order to really get things done the Mom has to go nuts and the crazy kid going bonkers may have had its positives as well.

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  1. I am sure the crazy kids helped alot. Congratulations!