Tuesday, May 4, 2010

It Gets Crazier Every Day

I do not know if I can handle much more of this stuff.

We have less then half the PCA hours we had last year.

Summer school is out.

Wheelchairs no longer get repaired.

There is no more therapy.

They give us 8 hours a month (yeah it was 4 and I went nuts so they gave me 8) and think they are doing a great service and the kicker here is that they are calling these 8 hours a month of respite a rehabilitation service. How is respite care rehabilitating my kid???

and now...they are trying to make it impossible to get paid for the hundreds of miles that I put on my van every month to get kids to medical appointments.

What will be next??? I do not work so that I can take care of these kids, our older kids have NO college fund, we have very little saved to retire on, and we ALWAYS have bills that are a direct result of the special needs the kids have. AAARRRRGGGGGGHHHHHH!!!!!


  1. I hear you. The unfairness to you and all of your kids makes me want to scream also {{{hugs}}}

  2. I totally understand!! It is so frustrating, We are in the process of adopting a 3 year old we have had the little (devil) Angel since she was 17 months. She has been diagnosed with the following RAD, Partial fetal Alcohol, Emotional Behaivor Disorder, and Post Tramatic Syndrome, and Sensory Integragation Disorder. We have to keep our eyes on her 24 7 we had 6 hrs a day of respite and now we were cut to 3 hrs a day. Emma is extremlly compulsive and you name she will do it. She feels no pain and has been bained (sp) from the kitchen. We own a farm and are in the process of putting up a chain link fence, but the farm is busy this time of year. And like you said we have no college fund for our son who is a Sophmore in college and then we have a son who will be graduating next year and heading off to college. AARRGGHH!!! It is just so frustrating what does a person do??? Terri