Sunday, May 2, 2010

Sweet Memories

I got photos of 3/4 of the H,I,I, K girls. The four of them have been friends for a very long time and they do everything together. They are all juniors so they helped to decorate for the Prom, An Evening In The Orient. They enjoyed dressing up. One of them had to be talked into going but once the rest of the group got her moving she had a great time. The wind was blowing 40 to 50 miles an hour (there was a wind advisory) so getting this pictures outside was a bit of a issue. They partied at the Prom and then went to the after Prom party, which is a alcohol free event put on by the community, and stayed out until 4;00 am. They then came to our house to sleep. That was shortly before the morning crowd here started getting up. All of these girls know our routine well so they were well aware that it would not be quiet here. They slept until about 11:00 am some how. It was loud even though Dad and I were trying to keep the noise down.

The H,I,J, K girls have memories to last forever. Enjoy every minute of being seventeen, it is a sweet, carefree, time in life that is over all to soon.

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