Saturday, May 1, 2010

Oh Boy

It is just Dad and I home with the four youngest kids. It is just as loud as always. Jared has gone to spend some time with the girl friend. Karre and her friends were here for several hours putting on their make-up and getting dressed for Prom but they have gone on their way now. I am heading over to the high school (with no kids in tow) to watch the grand march as soon as they are all readied for bed so Dad just has to get them in their rooms later.

Paul is trying to walk around with Karre`s flip-flops on. He really likes to wear her Mickey Mouse flip-flops and does it all the time. He is having lots of difficulty with those things though because he is trying to wear them over his feety PJ`s. Trying to explain to the boy that it is not going to work is not making the least little dent in his thinking. He is going to get those flip-flops on one way or another. I just hope he does not fall down and hurt himself in the process.

1 comment:

  1. My mental picture of him with feety PJ's and flip flop failure is funny! Thanks for sharing!