Monday, May 10, 2010

Just Like Every Other Day

Mothers Day was just like every other day.

There was still the kid that needs constant supervision in order to keep the behavior stable.

The wet bedding had to be washed because of course the bed wetter had no idea it was a holiday and he was supposed to give the laundry lady a break.

There was the kid who needs supervision and occasional assistance with homework who chose not to do it until ten minutes before bedtime on Mothers Day.

There were the four kids who needed to be directed in what they were doing all day long because they can not figure out what to do with any unstructured time.

They gave me a teapot filled with yellow roses and daisies and they made pizza for dinner. Thanks to Karre for pulling the troops together. That is all I needed. I appreciate it when this is what our day is all about. It is so much better then the drama that many days of the year are filled with. There is a sign I read a while ago that I really liked it said "There is nothing normal in this house except for the setting on the dryer". There would be few surprises, little excitement, and nothing to work towards if ones family were "normal".

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