Tuesday, May 11, 2010


We talk around here, a lot. The breakfast table, after school, the dinner table, and every where in between all day long. Being able to communicate is a huge part of what makes this family tick. Some of our kids have a difficult time with this, Hanna being number one, at the top of the list. She is the poorest communicator here. She does not like to share her thoughts and feelings at all. She tells you things that she thinks you want to hear just to please you. That is not how it works here. Everyone is entitled to his or her own thoughts, likes, and dislikes. At any rate.in order to get her to participate we tell her that she has to ask someone at least one question at the dinner table each evening before she is allowed to be excused.

Every time she asks the same thing "how is your day doing today"?

Since everyone is getting pretty tired of that one we told her that she needed to come up with something new.

She says "Dad how is your sweatshirt doing today"?

Like what kind of a question is that? Now everyone around here is asking one another how their sweatshirts are doing. As long as it stays cool and the sweatshirts are out I guess that will be the talk. When it warms up we will likely be back to "how is your day doing today"?

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