Thursday, May 13, 2010

Time Out

Why is it that there has to be a day for everything, Jersey day, PJ day, hula day, and this day and that day and on and on and on?

My kid does not understand this stuff and it REALLY gets her behavior out of line. Today is Jersey day and even though she did not even know what a jersey was and she does not have one, her dad was being mean when he told her to just go put on a t-shirt and go to school. We have worked so hard at keeping things calm, structured, very concrete,and routine. It works wonders in dealing with the behavior issues. Today we have none of that. Dad has gone to work and I am left with the kid. I have an IEP meeting shortly so will have to get a PCA to come and deal with her. If the one who can sometimes work in the morning is not able to come then I will have to reschedule the meeting, AAAAARRRRRRGGGHHH!

Well it seems that the end of the school year is coming so they have to overload on field trips and special days. That leads to a lot of very awful behavior.

Hanna was upset because no one had informed me about the stupid hat day thing so she took her anger out on me when she got home. I had to ask her why she didn`t just get angry with the person she was really upset with and leave me out of this.

Hanna`s reply "If I get mad at school and throw things and scream then I have to take a time out".

Let me get this straight taking a time out at school is worse then losing all privileges as home and getting sent to bed early because you are not able to calm down . That is just about as bizarre as it gets. I would be silently cheering her on if she could actually direct her anger at the appropriate person because that would be progress in the right direction here. Take a time out girl!!

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