Saturday, May 15, 2010

It Is Running Over

The landfill is full, in fact it is running over because it is so full.

It is full of families who are...
to large or to small
to white or to black
to experienced or not experienced enough
have two moms or two dads or only have one mom or dad
It is full of all of these families who are willing to wade through the swamp, walk through hell, and swim upstream through all of the craziness, horror, and down right nastiness that goes along with the adoption process.

It is full of thousands of kids who are...
have medical issues
come in sibling groups of two or ten
have ADHD, ADD, FAS, TBI, OCD,ODD, or any of the other alphabet soup that is out there
have experienced the trauma and abuse of their birth families
they are angry, hurt, feel worthless, trust no one, and have given up on those who are supposed to be out their to help and protect them

The landfill is full of families and kids who have been thrown in the garbage. These families and kids are treasures buried in a huge pile of rubbish.

The landfill in running over here. The system is broken, it needs to be thrown in this landfill and a new one needs to be built. When creating a new system consider this, families and kids are all unique, they are people who have feelings, wants and needs, they get hurt and frustrated, and both the families and the kids need on going support to deal with adoption and what it brings with it through out life because adoption is a part of the families and kids for life.

The landfill is full and it has been watered with many tears. Now the sun is out and some vegetables need to be planted.

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