Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Hat Day

They do this crap just to make crazy moms even crazier. Hanna is telling me that it is hat day at school. Well it may be hat day, but there is nothing written in your communication notebook that tells me that you are telling the truth so guess what you are not taking a hat to school. That is the way we have to operate when we have been taken advantage of one thousand times to many.

The kid goes to school and puts on the very sad act because her mean mom will not let her participate in hat day. I get the phone call before the bell has rung with that sob story. Is the kid really upset because she does not get to wear a hat is school today? I don`t think so more then half the kids there are not wearing hats and they all seem to be fine with it. She has found one more thing to manipulate school personal with. Oh I know how mean I am. I also can say that if you were a kid we could trust then we would not be playing these little games all the time and by the way how is it that you can remember stupid stuff like it is hat day yet you can NEVER remember to put deodorant on? I just get tired of being the crazy mom who does not care about this kid, the one who never lets her do anything she wants to do. Do not try to manipulate and life would be more fun for everyone.

Hats off to the school personal who can not figure out what she is doing here. You are making my life so much fun. I can hardly wait for the next exciting adventure in crazy land.


  1. By the MK was 15, I had found one sp ed teacher that "got" her. It made a big difference. I hope you find one at the high school. Hang in- you are not crazy- the school is just naive.

  2. We've had the same problem (and policy) with special days. If I don't have independant confirmation of the event from someone else, then the hat/crazy outfit/pajamas/birthday party/ etc. is not happening.